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Reach high company Sika has hundreds of professional construction team
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Sika group, founded in 1910 and headquartered in Switzerland, is a global company providing professional chemicals and 
application technologies. Guangzhou Dagao Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is authorized by Sika China group to sell 
and construct chemical building materials of Sika company in China: epoxy floor, wear-resistant floor, polyurethane floor, 
super wear-resistant polyurethane cover coating, water-based epoxy floor wall coating, grouting materials, reinforcement and 
repair materials, polyurethane sealant, etc. With all-round strong support from Sika company and 20 years of accumulated sales and construction experience, we will provide you with the most favorable price and the best construction scheme.

Main products: Sika (Sika) industrial floor, Sika (Sika) grouting material, Sika (Sika) reinforcement material, Sika (Sika) 
sealant, Sika (Sika) waterproof material and other chemical products. We have a fast response team and a fast distribution 
network to obtain materials from the production department of Sika group in the first time. Ensure the good quality of 
products and more quickly to the customer site. Adhering to the win-win principle of mutual benefit and mutual benefit with 
customers, we sincerely invite owners, construction units, designers and people from all walks of life to form strategic 
partners to open up a better future for Swiss Sika company in China's construction industry.

With a professional construction team of more than 100 people, Sika has completed many representative projects in cooperation with the world-class high-quality products of Sika: UCB pharmaceutical factory, kraft food factory, Rongcheng Shoes Co., Ltd., Lianqiang international computer, Kunming Xuelan milk Co., Ltd., Yunnan Huangshi laisi'er Dairy Co., Ltd., Guangyao group, Nansha Youli, Heinz seasoned food Ltd., Kunming qicaiyun Dairy Co., Ltd., Yichang Hongyu Plastic Co., Ltd., Hefei Baidi Dairy Co., Ltd., Jiulong Paper Co., Ltd., Chenming Paper Co., Ltd., Liwen Paper Co., Ltd., Asia Pacific Paper Co., 
Ltd., YKK zipper Co., Ltd., Nike Shoes Co., Ltd., Jushi group, renrenrenle supermarket, Asia creation Co., Ltd., Zhengjia 
square, Xinyi Glass, Shiwu passenger dedicated line, Shenzhen lnj, Changlong group, Guangzhou paper factory, Wuhan Guangzhou high speed railway, Guangxi Jindaxing paper industry, Helanshan wind power, Hongsibao wind power, Daya Bay nuclear power, Yangjiang nuclear power, Alstom, Guangzhou Metro, Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge... More engineering examples

With the rapid development of China's economy and the rapid development of construction industry, the market demand for Sika (Sika) special-purpose building materials is growing rapidly. According to the international advanced technical equipment and scientific management methods, combined with the actual situation in China, the company constantly introduces high-quality products required by the construction industry to meet the domestic market demand.

High quality products must be supported by excellent technical services. From sales, technical services to construction, we all contribute to domestic infrastructure technology in line with the principle of advancing side by side with customers.

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