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UV Resistance 防紫外线性能

Silicones 硅硐胶:
* 良好的防紫外线性能(非填冲产品外)
  Generally good resistance (Inorganic system if not extended)
* 会有变黄的趋势 Tendency to yellow especially
* 透明 Transparent
* 填冲产品,低成本 extended products / low cost
* 因为硅硐接缝容易很快变脏,对于很多场所都不苛求
  Not too critical in any case because Silicone joints get dirty quickly
Polyurethane 聚氨酯胶:
* 质量好的产品有良好的防紫外线性能
  Quality products good resistance
* 表面有可能”橙皮”或龟裂(依配方而定)仅是表面影响而已
  Tendency to slight“orange peel”effect / surface cracks depending on formulation
* 对粘合的性能无负面影响,仅是美观问题而已
  surface effect only no negative influence on function or performance of the sealant aesthetic
  issue only
Cleaning / dirt pick up
Silicones 硅硐胶:
* 刚施用时即使用溶剂都很难清洁,具污染性
  Fresh difficult to clean even with solvents stains
* 固化后的硅硐胶很难完全剥离会留下残余,不易与其他产品粘合
  Cured Silicone difficult to get off completely (always silicon residue) nothing else sticks
* 硅硐胶极易受尘,因静电作用使接缝处变黑
  Silicones pick up dirt easily electrostatic load joint turns black
Polyurethane 聚氨酯胶:
* 刚施用时,易用溶剂清洁干净 Fresh is easy to clean with solvent
* 固化的聚氨酯胶易机械剥除,不留残余,没有以后的粘接问题
  Cured PU easy to remove mechanically without leaving residue.No problem for Later adhesion
* 不易受尘 Little to no dirt pick up

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