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Temperature Resistance 耐温性

* 低温值~ 100°-120°C   Low cost ~ 100°-120°C (extended products harden over time)
* 标准温度~ 150° CStandard ~ 150°C
* 高温稳定在~ 250°C (红、黑High temperature stabilized ~ 250°C (red/black)
* 恒温80 °C   Permanent 80 °C
* 最高温~ 100°  CPeak ~ 100°C
Good adhesion on non-porous substrates/glass
* 与玻璃层面的良好粘结,装玻璃的理想产品 Excellent adhesion on glass ideal for glazing
* 无需底油,与很多塑料基面的良好粘结(根据系统不同而定),仍需测试。
  Adhesion on many plastic’s without primer (depending on systems)should check test
* 在有紫外线的环境下,需黑色底油支持结构性玻璃
  Need black primer on glass if exposed to UV
* 不可用于玻璃安装 no glazing applications
* 在多数塑料基面上使用时,仍需进行粘结测试
  Must check adhesion to all plastics with/without primer or cleaner.
Easy gunability / wide temperature range
Silicones 硅硐胶:
* 10 °C - 40 °C 内挤压性稳定
  Only small increase in extrusion force between 10 °C - 40 °C
Polyurethane 聚氨酯胶:
* 在低温下,产品会变粘稠,变硬一些
  Products tend to get thicker at low temperature and become a bit harder to extrude
Repair of joints
Silicones 硅硐胶:
* 很难修补 Very difficult
* 基面上旧的粘胶很难清除,旧的基面无粘性
  Old sealant difficult to clean off substrate,no adhesion
* 唯一解决方法是覆以粘接带(条)----价格昂贵
  Cover up with a sealant strip (band) is only solution----Expensive
Polyurethane 聚氨酯胶:
* 只需切除旧胶,并直接在残余旧胶上施用----便宜多了
  Cut out old joint and reseal directly onto remaining sealant----much cheaper

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