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Quality range
Silicones 硅硐胶:
* 市场上产品质量差异很大
  Big quality fluctuation of products on the market
* 多达50+%的填加剂(可燃)50+ % extended (flammable)
* 由于填加剂的蒸发而硬化并收缩
  Harden over time and shrink because of evaporation of extender
* 太多的配方及品牌以低质充斥市场
  Lot’s of formutors / lalabels with low quality standard
* 虽外表看来无异,有些过期的硐肟性产品不能正常固化
  Shelf life problems with Alkoxy systems(some expired products may appear suitable but may not
  cure correctly
Polyurethane 聚氨酯胶:
* 仅有极少的生产商因此质量得以保证
  Few manufacture only therefore better defined quality
* 由于不可能有特殊的填加剂因此无配方欺诈
  No formulation tricks possible with special extenders
Adhesion on porous substrates
Silicones 硅硐胶:
* 无特殊底油时很难或不粘结
  Little to no adhesion without special primer
* 酸性硅胶无法用于混凝土(碱性基面)
  Acetoxy systems cannot be used on concrete (alkaline substrates)
Polyurethane 聚氨酯胶:
* 优良的粘结性能,尤其在多孔基面上使用时
  Excellent adhesion especially on porous substrates
* 即使在碱性基面上使用时都不会有任何问题产生
  No problem even on alkaline substrates
Staining problems
Silicones 硅硐胶:
* 融入石材的风险 Risk of migration on natural stone
* 低分子硅硐粒子会污染表面(硅硐部分)
  Staining of surface with low molecular Silicone particles (Silicone part)
* 只有特殊配方的“石材硅硐” 能被用在天然石材上,虽然石材表面因低分子硅硐粒子也会受污染
  Only special formulation “Stone-Silicone” can be used for natural stone, although later
  staining of surrounding surfaces may still occur from low molecular silicon particles
  transferred with dirt & dust
Polyurethane 聚氨酯胶:
* 对标准的聚氨酯胶使用时无融入的问题产生
  No migration problems with standards Polyurethane
* 无污染性 No staining

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