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Silicones 硅硐胶:
* 一般来说不能涂漆 Not paintable in general
* 填硅硐胶的接缝两侧涂漆也能影响胶的粘接性
  Risk of adhesion problem of paint next to Silicone joint
* 修补难 Critical in repair / maintenance situations
Polyurethane 聚氨酯胶:
* check compatibility 可以在上面涂漆 Paintability o.k. in general
* 易修补 Easy also in maintenance situations
Difficult to repair
Silicones 硅硐胶:
* 硅硐胶与硅硐胶之间很难粘接
Adhesion Silicone to Silicone difficult
* 难于清洁/如果基面用过硅硐胶,在第二次使用时,应将基面彻底清洁干净才能达到良好粘结效果
Very difficult to clean / prepare a substrate properly to get a good adhesion when Silicone has been used before
Polyurethane 聚氨酯胶:
* 易修补,因为新旧聚氨酯胶之间有非常好的粘结性
Easy to repair because excellent adhesion of fresh on cured Polyurethane
* 只要有个V形切口就足够了,无需将旧的聚氨酯胶完全清除
V cut is sufficient no full removal of old Polyurethane necessary
Shelf life
Silicones 硅硐胶:
* 在酸性系统中有良好作用 Very good for acetoxy systems
* 容易施用,无需完全固化
Critical for alkoxy products easy to apply by no more (full) curing
* 早期移动裂缝的风险risk of early movement cracks
* 施用者不易意识到保质期限
shelf life limit cannot be realized by applicatior
Polyurethane 聚氨酯胶:
* 在正常包装及储存下的保质性能好
Shelf life in general good in proper packaging and storage
* 过期后产品会增加厚度,接近保质期时产品的挤出性能差
Products get thicker over time, more difficult to extrude near shelf life limit
* 只要产品能挤出,它会正常固化
As long as product can be applied it will cure properly

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